Delivery Information

Standard Delivery
Standard delivery is a free delivery service, but still adjustedfast.jpg to the number of products to be shipped. For delivery within the city, goods will be delivered
Directly by our courier. For delivery abroad the free delivery service, but still adjusted to the amount of goods ordered and shipped.

Premium Delivery
Premium shipping service charge 50% of total shipping cost, this is valid for out of town and outside of province, delivery duration no later than 5 hours and 1x24 hours for outside the province. For overseas delivery will be charged a discount of 20% of the total shipping cost. The discount will be adjusted to the amount of goods to be shipped.

Priority Delivery
Priority Delivery Service becomes the preferred service of our customers. Shipping fee is paid in full (No discount) according to total shipping cost. Delivery schedule of goods tailored to customer demand, even delivery of goods can be done on holidays. Shipping on holidays is not applicable for shipping abroad. Shipping overseas on holidays may be granted if conditions are urgent.

Before choosing this shipping service, we advise you to contact us first.